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What You Need to Know before Installing a Window Air Conditioning Unit


Summer is finally in the air, and it’s time to set up those window air conditioning units! This is the time of year when we choose which window we aren’t going to use for the remainder of the summer. It’s a small sacrifice to make to keep cool on those triple digit days that are right around the corner.

Factors that determine how your window air conditioning unit will be installed:

  • The Size of the Unit – The unit itself has to fit in the window opening. You can’t install a window unit air conditioner that is bigger than your window opening.
  • The Condition of the Window – Make sure the window is clean and in good repair. You won’t be able to open the window and clean the outside for at least a few months, so make sure it’s done before installation. Check for rotted wood or any other signs of instability.
  • The Type of Window – A double-hung window is the best type of window for air conditioner installation. The lower part of the window opens to allow the back of the unit to stick through the opening, and closes securely on top of the unit to hold it in place.
  • The Position of the Window – West-facing windows receive evening sunshine and could cause the unit to work harder than it needs to, or you may have one window that takes the brunt of a rainstorm. These are not ideal situations for the unit.
  • Proximity to an Acceptable Outlet – The air conditioning unit will pull a good amount of electricity, so you need to make sure the outlet can handle the load. You may need to move other items such as the microwave, dishwasher, or other heat-producing appliance to a different area if the air conditioner risks flipping a breaker.
  • The Ability to Add Rain Protection and Insulation – The air conditioner won’t likely fit perfectly into the window opening. You’ll probably have holes where air can escape and rain can come through. You can use wood, cardboard, spray insulation, or a variety of things to prevent rainwater from spraying in every time it rains and to keep the hot air outside.
  • Don’t Block the Front – Curtains and other types of window treatments block the air conditioner and prevent it from turning humid indoor air into nicely conditioned air. Pin curtains out of the way or make a seasonal decorative change and switch to blinds that can be raised halfway.

Installing a Window Air Conditioner in Brooklyn

Window air conditioning units are extremely popular in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas. We assist many homeowners with installation every year. If you’re worried about the potential risks involved or that you may drop it (ouch!), then give us a call for professional installation.

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