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Santorini Has Been Voted The Most Beautiful Island In The World!

Santorini has been voted the most beautiful island in the world!

At the top of the list of the most popular islands on the planet were readers of the top international travel magazine Santorini. The Cycladic island with its unique sunset and magnificent colours is also officially the most beautiful in the world. Visit all the famous villages with a Santorini private guided tour.

The breathtaking view of the Caldera, the magnificent sunset which is itself a reason for a trip to the Cyclades, the cosmopolitan air, the attraction that exerts on man the mystery of an extinct volcano, the Greek hospitality and the drunkards. Is there anything missing from Santorini?

Apparently not, readers of the online Dig Pa magazine decided, and brought the Cycladic island to the top of their tastes. In the January edition of this guide, Santorini ranks first on the world island chart, up five places from last year’s ranking.

“Santorini is a new winner in the category of Best Islands, rising from No.6 last year and moving the Galápagos Islands from the top,” says Dig Pa editor Isaiah Cook.

The magnificent islands – not to be mistaken for the rest of the water paradise – are made up of: Santorini, Bali, Cape Breton, New Scotland, the Philippines Boracay, the Australian Great Barrier Reef, Sicily Island, Sicily , Kauai, Maui and the Galapagos. It is worth mentioning the second Greek presence, this time in the list of the best European islands, where besides Santorini, the most popular world-class Mykonos climbs to fifth.

In addition to the top islands, the lists also mentions why Santorini is worth visiting and taking a Santorini Private tour!

Obviously it’s not new to the top Cycladic spring destination, for many reasons, including its beaches, which, with the possible exception of adjacent Red, never shocked anyone, and the cosmos of August, which spoils the view of the Caldera’s sunset and serene atmosphere – not to mention the inexplicable applause in Oia.

Walking & Sightseeing

Things You Know: Afternoon and Sunset in Oia, Evening Clubbing in Fira. But they are not the only ones. Leave enough space on your agenda to visit the villages of Pyrgos, Emporio, Karterados and Vourvoulos, and Kastelli, the island’s medieval fortress. An indispensable… pilgrimage to the island’s leading wineries, and in particular those of Boutari, Sigalas and Koutsogiannopoulos – the latter housed the only island-wide wine museum on the island – for a guided tour of the world of Santorini wine and indigenous wine.

Santorini Private tours

It is a wonderful island with spectacular landscapes, magnificent sunsets, whitewashed structures, and also blue-domed churches. Book a Santorini Sightseeing Private Tour and see them all!

Archaeological Sights

History lovers will spend a few hours at the Archaeological Museum in Fira, which houses sculptures, inscriptions, vases and other finds from the Archaic to the Roman Period, as well as the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, also in Fira, with unique finds art. If you have time left after all this, take the boat from the old port of Fira or Athinios and visit the islands of the Caldera, Old and New Kammeni, to tell you that you were walking on a volcano.


Top gourmet selection in 1800 in Oia and the recently awarded Golden Skull Koukoumavlos in Fira. More reasonable prices, but excellent Caldera cuisine and rooftop terraces are available at Strogili, also in Oia. Modern cuisine based on pure, local produce will be enjoyed in Marmita, Megalochori, while lovers of tradition will appreciate Neptune in Fira for its simple, speciality chefs and low prices for the island’s standard.

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