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Implement Home Improvement into Your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gifts


We all appreciate our parents, spouses, friends’ parents or other people who have played those roles in our lives. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are special days set aside for the people who have raised us, helped raise us, or influenced us in very important ways. This is our time to give back. This year, instead of giving mom another pot of flowers or dad another tie or grilling set, consider giving them a gift certificate for our handyman services.

Handyman Services

We currently have two amazing offers for residential handyman work. We customize the work you request and fit it into one of these two services:

  • Handyman-for-a-Half-Day
  • Handyman-for-a-Full-Day

Click here for examples of each list. Please keep in mind that the services offered with each service will vary based on your individual needs.

Customize Your Handyman Checklist

Just think of all of the home improvement projects we could complete for that special person in your life in a single day. Has dad been planning to hang his big screen TV and install the window air conditioner, but didn’t have the right tools or enough manpower for the job? Let us do it. Has mom been wanting the ceiling fixed, walls painted, and new curtains hung? We’ll do that, too.

Our basic Handyman-for-a-Full-Day service is $725 plus materials – talk about a bargain when you consider everything our team can do in a single day. We can knock out this year’s home maintenance list so your parents, spouse, or other special people in your life can relax and enjoy.

Handyman Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed Mother’s Day with that special woman in your life and are looking forward to a happy Father’s Day as well. Give us a call if you’re in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens and would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll go over your 2018 home improvement checklist and see how many of those tedious items we can fit into a Handyman-for-a-full-day schedule.

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