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Anniversary award 30 years of DIG-PA

QSOs made in the 2014 calendar year apply to the award. The award requires at least 30 points. The award can be achieved
on HF and / or on VHF. Applications must be received by the manager no later than 31 January 2015 via the email address
The award will be sent free of charge by e-mail after the end of the anniversary year in the form of a pdf (or jpg) file that you can print or have printed yourself. At least one connection must be made to PI30DIG.

A QSO with PI30DIG at 30 m or at 144 MHz yields 10 points.
A QSO with PI30DIG on other tires yields 5 points.
A QSO with Dutch stations with a DIG number (so also with PI4DIG outside the activity period) on HF yields 2 points and on VHF / UHF 5 points.

A station may be operated on multiple tires and then earn points again.

SWLs are also eligible for the award but must specify at least 2 counter stations for each PI30DIG connection to be counted.

There will be 3 activity periods for PI30DIG. The first period from 22 March (the day of the GMM) to 18 April. The second period from 1 to 28 September. The third period from 3 to 31 December.

PAØMIR will activate the call at 80 m in the DIG-PA contest on 24 March and in the CW QSO party in April. Furthermore, the special call is used by the tour guides during the regular DIG-PA round in the period of validity and other members will also be able to raise the call upon request;

PA9CW has already promised to be regularly active in CW and digital modes at 30 m. Requesting QSL preferably via the Clublog Online Request System, also accessible via the page at

For the first period from 22 March to 18 April, PI30DIG will be activated as follows:

On 22 March to and with April 18 is active at 30 meters PA9CW T. Raemakers

On March 22 through March 24 this is on HF, PA0JNH J. Hoek.
On March 24, during the dig contest, Nico, PA0MIR with PI30DIG is in the air at 80 meters,
and on March 24 this is at 2 meters Piebe Jan, PE1LZS.
On March 25 to April 6 this is at HF, PA0MIR N. v / d Bijl.
This is PE1ODY B. Lap on 07 April.
On April 8 to April 13 this is at HF, mainly at 40 meters and will report in the German DIG round, PA3BNT M. Velde.
Nico, PA0MIR in cw is active during the DIG QSO party.
From April 14 to April 18 this is on HF, PE1ODY B. Lap.

On 22 March to 06 April and from 14 to 18 April this is at 2 meters, PE1LZS PJ v / d Berg.
On April 7 to April 13 this is at 2 meters, PE1ODY B. Lap.