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DIG PA issues two awards, namely the W-DIG-PA and the DIG-PA Postcode Award.

Both awards can be requested by both broadcasting and listening amateurs, the QSL cards must be in the possession of the applicant.

The costs for both awards are € 5 or US $ 5.
Stickers for the W-DIG-PA against SASE.

Request through GCR list to:

Gerard Boomsma PH8GB
Beemsterstraat 430



This certificate can be obtained by making connections with Dutch DIG members. QSL cards from Dutch listening amateurs with a DIG number are also valid. The connections must be made after January 1, 1984. Each QSL card counts for 1 point.

The certificate can be requested in single or mixed mode / band and UKW (VHF).

Required are:

For stations within the Netherlands

30 points.
For European stations: 20 points.
For stations outside of Europe: 10 points.
For every 30 extra confirmed DIG’ers (from 1-1-1987) there is a sticker, there are 4 different stickers
From 1-1-1998 the Flevoland sticker is available for PI4DIG plus 3 DIG “ers from the province of Flevoland .

DIG-PA Postcode Award

To be able to receive this award, one has to work or hear so many Dutch stations that the sum of the postal codes is at least 500,000 .
PA stations: all first digits (eg 1 245, 8 912, 6 601) must work 3 times.
EU stations: all first digits must work once.
DX stations: may multiply the number of points by 2.

No fashion and / or band restrictions. A note can be obtained for CW and / or VHF awards.
Only connections after 01-01-2000 count. QSLs must be in possession of a printed or stamped zip code. QSL cards from SWLs also count.

JOKER: If you worked and confirmed PA6DIG during the jubilee period of the 4th anniversary at the start of 2004 , you may use the QSL card from PA6DIG as a joker for a missing first digit. If, for example, you fail 5 as the first digit, you can use PA6DIG for this, the card then counts for 5000 points.