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11 Tricks For Painting Your Home Alone

11 tricks for painting your home alone

Tired of seeing moisture and cracks in the walls of your home? There we have for you 11 tricks for painting your home alone. Montclair Painting has trustworthy workers and is managing for many years carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services in Montclair.

Are you finally convinced that it is time to upgrade your apartment, if you want to rent it? The truth is that painting a house is a necessary process to highlight any space. Learn how you can paint your property yourself easily and quickly. If you can’t handle the painting of your home alone, trust Montclair Painting.

11 tricks for painting your home alone

1. Choice of colors

Before you start preparing everything for Montclair painting, you will need to study your space, especially if you have decided to completely change the color of your walls. If you want something more than a simple refresh of your existing color, then look for inspiration. Look for options in magazines or on the internet and get inspired.

But be careful, you should choose based on the decoration of your space and the furniture you already have. Do not fall into the traps of striking colors, which, however, do not match the style of your home. When you come to the palette that represents you, ask the store where you will buy the paints to give you samples, to have a better picture of the shade you are looking for. So, you will make the right choice and the result will justify you.

2. Preparation of the space

I start with the furniture and the pre-treatment on the walls. Cover all furniture and wooden surfaces with nylon. Lay the cardboard or nylon on the floor to save time by cleaning and of course not to get dirty and destroy everything. Hang the curtains. Lower the frames, cover the nails and set aside the lights. Finally, after lowering the general and disconnecting the devices, pass the sockets with paper tape to protect them. Do the same for the window frames.

3. Clean the walls

A successful Montclair painting job starts with the proper preparation of the surface to be painted. So apply the surface you want to paint with a dry cleaning cloth. This way, you will be able to remove dust from your walls effectively without any extra effort. Do not start applying the paint without first cleaning all the walls.

Clean them with a sponge and wait until they are dry. Dust and dirt on the walls can cause the paint to “spit out” quickly. Once you have finished cleaning, proceed with plastering the cracks. Close small holes and generally make any repairs to your walls before proceeding. To make the surface smooth and even, sand the walls with a sandpaper. For even more flawless results, apply a thin layer of primer. Thus, you will help the main paint to have a better flow.

4. Roll

Dip one foot into warm paraffin, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. So that it “gets” enough paint so that it does not drip and is covered evenly.

5. Take the test

To choose the right shade with confidence, all you have to do is paint a small area of ​​your wall. Leave it for 2-3 days to see how it looks at different times of the day, always observing it in relation to the furniture and the lighting of your space.

6. Do not follow the straight line

Start painting by making W-shaped movements and apply the paint to the wall so that most of it is gone. Then, with movements from top to bottom, fill in the inner points of the W. In this way the roll leaves more color.

7. Do not forget the lip balm

Apply lip balm to the handles, hinges and window frame, knobs as well as sockets and switches on the surface on which you intend to change color. This way, you will be able to clean them very easily in case they get dirty with paint.

8. Intense colors on small walls or columns

Intense colors can be striking and you like them, but in some cases you have to resist and keep the intense away. According to studies, bright colors on large walls tire the eyes and make the space smaller.

9. The true color of the wall is visible only in natural light

If you choose bright colors and your space is very bright, the colors will look even more intense. In general, the very intense wall color will bother you, instead of beautifying the space.

10. The harmony of colors in all the rooms of the house

If you want to have a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the house, you should pay special attention to the oil painting of all the rooms. A relative uniformity in the colors you will paint the walls will create a more relaxed atmosphere.

11. Use a visualizer

Technology provides a solution even for painting a house. Use an app that lets you photograph the space you want to paint. So you can experiment with the colors on the walls. These applications offer solutions for painting the house both externally and internally.

Time for Montclair painting

After taking a look at your brushes and roller to make sure they are clean, it is time to start painting. It is good to choose morning time to start. In natural sunlight you can better distinguish the shades and then correct unevenly painted spots.

Pass the first coat starting with the roller from the ceiling and the high points. Continue with gentle movements and without pressure, to do the rest. A first thin layer may be enough, otherwise you can apply the paint once more. For difficult points, use your brushes. We suggest you leave these for the better.

If you follow the above steps and tips, we guarantee that the result will compensate you! The painting of the house will be done easily and quickly. Combine it with good company, loud music and creativity and be sure to have even more fun!


Montclair Painting and upgrading your property are very important factors in order to find a tenant as well as to optimize the income you will receive from a possible rent. If you do not have the time or the mood to deal with the renovation of your space, Gikas can take care of it for you!

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